LIONS GFG Alliance "Carols In The Park" has staged again
in Whyalla's beautiful Civic Park to
a record crowd and success!

Acting LIONS Event Committee Chairman Allan Smith said
he was overwhelmingly pleased with the event.

"This was the biggest crowd I've ever seen at Carols In The Park -
the Carols Community Collection was very successful
and as for the main event.....spectacular!"
Mr Smith said.

Mark Tempany from Stageshow Coordinator Stormfront Productions said
"the people have spoken by turning out in such a huge number."

"This concert is truly world-class, and our event team of the
combined LIONS Clubs & Gavin Chandler Productions can
once again be congratulated for providing the perfect
celebration of Christmas for the Whyalla community".








Get ready Whyalla....
Only 14 SLEEPS left!

LIONS GFG Alliance "Carols In The Park" is
counting down the days to staging in
Civic Park for FREE!

We'll "Celebrate Christmas as a Community"
with a record-breaking Cast of over 90,
and we just can't wait to see if
Father Christmas can make it once again to
share the spectacle with Whyalla!


Our 2017 Event Committee is delighted to confirm
our 2017 "Naming Rights" sponsor....

Welcome to....

GFG Alliance
"CAROLS in the PARK!"


Members WANTED!

Have YOU ever wanted to see Civic Park on "Carols" night....

Then why not sign up for your community!

Our "CAROLS COMMUNITY CHOIR" members get the
best seat in the house - and it's SO much fun!

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you don't have to be Pavarotti -
just guarantee you're there to smile
your very best Christmas cheer!


2017 Cast Announcements!

Our 2017 Cast will feature a wonderful variety of
"Carols" favourites, first-timers & "Welcome Back" entertainers!

Returning by popular demand will be the
legendary Gavin Chandler as well as
2017 Whyalla Recording Scholarship Winner
BREEZE Millard.

Young talents Emma Taylor and
JJ Payne will also delight along
with Romy Foote, the always popular
Glitterbugs! and maestro Peter Brown.

Whydale Calisthenics Club return and
Come & Strum Ukulele Band will join
Whyalla Community Brass as pre-show entertainment.

Our amazing "Carols Community Choir" will
have thousands singing along, Namaste Whyalla make
their debut - and Mark Tempany and Alison Hams
will also find themselves centre-stage!

Last but hardly least, our annual
invitation to the North Pole has been
posted and we hope to see
Father Christmas before
his busy Christmas Eve deliveries!


The Hair to Help Wig Library is now $1000 better off after a
donation from the Carols In The Park Event Committee.

The committee - made up of members from the
Whyalla, & Mount Laura LIONS Clubs
raised the sum after a successful event last year.

The Wig Library is run by volunteer group Pink Spirits and provides
wigs to those who have lost their hair due to medical conditions such as cancer.

Whyalla Lions Club secretary Eira Yarwood said donations were
also provided to Riley Nixon, Emily Ernesti & St John Ambulance.

“It is fabulous to make this donation. That is what the Lions club is here for -
raising money for our community”
she said.

Ms Yarwood also thanked Stormfront Productions
for their help with Carols in the Park.

Wig Library volunteer Raelene Williams said the donation would
be used to keep the group running at full strength.

“There are always ongoing costs so we are very, very grateful to
receive anything at all,”
she said.

"A thousand dollars is amazing so we thank LIONS very much.”

Volunteer Marie Woodford said running the
Wig Library was a "very rewarding job".

“The smile on the girls’ faces is pretty amazing to see - it is
very emotional to do it. There have been quite a few tears”
she said.

(Article courtesy Whyalla News)


The CAROLS IN THE PARK team congratulate committee member
and past chairman LION Allan Smith on being the recipient of a
Whyalla Australia Day Community Service Award to be
presented at the 2017 Australia Day celebrations.